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  Aircraft Hire & Sales


Hire a helicopter, Private helicopter flights, Helicopter ski transfers, Ankara heliports,


Private aircraft charters

Whether you are a senior business executive, celebrity or royalty, JHY can provide helicopter, private jet and executive airliner charter flights as well as a vast range of small specialist aircraft. We also offer medical evacuation flights for sick and injured patients.

JHY works with hundreds of helicopter charter operators worldwide and can provide you with competitive quotes for your helicopter charter itinerary. Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari@gmail.com


Hire a helicopter

Jet Hava Yollari offers competitive pricing for private helicopter charter, from accredited helicopter operators. Helicopters are excellent for short flights or flights to destinations with no airport nearby. Many of our customers also charter helicopters for transfers from airports to ski resorts, hotels, music or cultural events, and sports stadiums. They are a great way to arrive at busy venues and peak times, to avoid traffic jams on the ground.

Operating at lower altitudes than most fixed wing aircraft, helicopters can also be hired for short sightseeing flights over countryside or cities.
Ask / for more information (on helicopter hire) email: jethavayollari@gmail.com


Private helicopter flights  

Helicopter flights are perfectly suited to accessing crowded and hard-to-reach places. From hotel roofs to fields, they can land in relatively small spaces, enabling access to city centres and remote regions. Whether you are going to a meeting in a busy city or taking a trip to the ski slopes, helicopter hire is the ideal solution. Helicopters are also excellent for medical evacuations and aerial photography shoots. Helicopter flights provide a degree of flexibility that fixed wing planes just can't. The convenience of flying direct to an exact destination is invaluable, and with JHY helicopter hire you can do so in comfort and style. Whether you are traveling to a meeting or to a sporting event, a helicopter charter can get you there quickly and without hassle. Need a helicopter charter? Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari@gmail.com

Helicopter ski transfers

We know that maximising time on the slopes is a key priority for PrivateFly’s customers, so we offer our exclusive ski transfer service, offering the very best service and pricing for helicopter transfers to and from some of Turkiye’s most popular ski resorts. Hire a helicopter to fly direct to your ski resort. Contact our expert team for advice and pricing for your private helicopter to ski resorts. Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari@gmail.com

Ankara heliports

In a large and congested city, helicopter transfers can make a huge difference to your travel time. They can also be combined with private jet or airline flights as a fast connection into the city centre from Esenboğa airports.

Hotels with helipads

Hotels with helicopter landing Many hotels and country estates have a helipad for their guests' use. Hire a helicopter to fly to country hotels or arrive in style at a hotel or country house in the our country. Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari@gmail.com

Single or twin engine helicopter?

There are two classifications of helicopter - single engine and twin engine.
Twin engine helicopters. Twin engine helicopters are bigger, faster and often required for safety reasons by corporations or for night flights.
Popular twin engine helicopters which are available for hire include AS355 Twin Squirrel, Agusta A109 Power and Eurocopter EC155. helicopter hire pricesSingle engine helicopters
Single engine helicopters are less expensive to charter and perfect for short daylight flights.

Popular single engine helicopters which are available for hire include the Bell 206L LongRanger and Eurocopter AS 350B2 Single Engine Squirrel. Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari@gmail.com


When to hire a helicopter?

Here are some examples of how helicopter charter can be used for business or leisure:

Airport transfer
Corporate entertaining
Business travel
Private hire
Sporting events
Helicopter city tours
Helicopter pleasure flights
Aerial filming & photography
Luxury hotel trips
Ski resort transfers
Wedding flights
Freight Forwarding
EMS, (Emergency medical flights) / Air Medevac (medical evacuations)


Estimated Prices are based on?

Number of flying hours
Type of journey (single, return or multi-leg)
Fuel and crew costs
Aircraft positioning (from homebase airport)
Airport fees
Landing fees
Overnight costs

Private Charter flights for Group travel

JHY is highly experienced in organising private air charter for larger groups using aircraft ranging from regional airliners, executive turboprops, to large airliners.
Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari@gmail.com

Private Jets for Leisure

Private jet hire is perfect for your leisure pursuits, providing luxurious, comfortable and private travel.  Whether it is for a weekend city break or a family holiday in the Caribbean, we will choose the best private jet for you, ensuring a safe and hassle-free journey.  
With access to private terminals, you won't have to face busy airports and queues through security. Need a private jet charter?  Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari @gmail com

Five star comfort in the air

Business jets are the kings of corporate travel, enabling you to fly around the globe in luxurious and stylish surroundings.  With their penthouse suite amenities, including private bedrooms, showers and boardrooms, these executive jet charters are perfect for royalty, business leaders and individuals, whether for business or leisure.

Search for flights

Group air charters offer the following benefits versus scheduled airline travel:

Flights travel direct to and from destinations, avoiding transfers and lengthy security delays
Aircraft specification can be matched to budget and group size, ranging from economy to VIP configurations
Exclusive use of the aircraft for group meetings or celebrations
Catering can be selected to meet specific group needs
Dedicated support and logistics from jet hava yolları team
Bespoke aircraft branding, by arrangement
Large group travel can be arranged for the following:

VIP group travel
Charter flights for weddings and other special events
Corporate and incentive charter flights
Sports teams and supporters groups
Music tours by private jet
Conferences and events  Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari@gmail.com

Private Jets for business

We provide private jet charters to business professionals in order to maximize their time efficiency. By chartering private jets, executives and senior managers can work around tight schedules, attending several meetings or making numerous site visits in one day.
Traveling by private jet is the easiest way to get senior personnel to where they need to be safely and in comfort. Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari@gmail.com

Business meetings at 22.000 feet

These business jets come fully fitted with facilities to meet every corporate requirement.
As well as separate rooms for total privacy, executive jet charters offer state of the art business amenities and luxury lounge areas. Need an Executive Airliner charter?
Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari@gmail.com

Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance and medevac Jet Havayolları has extensive experience in arranging medical evacuation and medical repatriation services.
Our clients include individuals, businesses, insurance companies and private clinics.

We offer a rapid 24-hour response service and can arrange an air ambulance, medevac or medical transportation service for patients and their families, medical care providers and private insurance companies.
Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari@gmail.com

How to organise your medevac flight

In order to provide the patient and family with the best and quickest medevac service, it is critical that the contact person or case manager provides our Flight Team with all available information on the patient’s condition, including:

Patient’s medical record
Patient’s treating hospital/doctor and contact
Patients receiving hospital/doctor and contact
Our expert team can then organise the quickest medical transfer based on a bed-to-bed service.

Our Flight Team will be available for 24 hour contact with the family and the doctors, including:  Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari@gmail.com

How much does a medevac cost?

JHY’s goal is to provide the highest quality medical transport services at the lowest possible price. Price of your medevac flight is based on a number of factors including:

The medical condition of the patient and treatment required
The aircraft type
The distance of the flight
You will receive a flight quote within 30 minutes of your enquiry which will be your final cost.

Jet Hava Yolları is an international aviation company providing worldwide luxury private jet, EMS (air ambulance), passenger aircraft and cargo aircraft chartering services in addition to working with world's leading airline brands. For more information, you can reach us at our call center for working hours. Luxury Jets offers Jet Charter and Air Charter Service from Turkey and to Moskov, London, Dubai, Baku, Toronto, New York, Beijing, Taipei, Doha, Riyad, Berlin.

Luxury Jets has access to all jet types. Choose from any Citation, Hawker400xp, Learjet, Falcon, Challenger, Gulfstream, Global 5000-6000-7000 or 8000, BbJet and even Jumbos. Privet Jets can arrange all your jet charter flights with just few hours notice. Feel free to call our account executives to book your next jet charter flight in Europe.

The focus of our service is always your individual travel requirements. As your personal airbroker we guarantee the organisation and implementation of your trip exactly according to your needs.
Wherever you are, wherever you want to go - we'll take you there! Quickly, safely, comfortably and discreetly. At a sensible price-benefit ratio.

From the "taxi hop" with the helicopter or the single-engine turboprop, to the comfortable medium distance in a Lear Jet, right up to long-distance flights in the Heavy Jet - we can fulfill all of your requirements, regardless of whether your trip is planned well in advance or booked on a "last minute" basis (we will, however,  need a couple of hours to prepare the aircraft!).
We can be reached round the clock 365 days of the year. You always speak to your client consultant and never to an anonymous and poorly informed voice in a call center.
As a globally operating, independent airbroker we will always try to find the best offer within the framework of your requirements. With one restriction: safety!
We always choose the best offer for you, not the cheapest. Because we always make absolutely sure that all of the stipulations of the aviation supervisory authorities are strictly complied with or even surpassed.
Obviously, the choice is greater and the price lower for longer term reservations.
Our promise to do everything humanly possible for the smooth planning and realisation of your trip, our desire to achieve perfection, is only subject to one restriction. In aviation there are a number of imponderables, for example sudden changes in the weather or delays in international aviation which, despite the most careful planning, can cause more or less serious problems.
This is why we make a quite simple and old-fashioned request of all our clients: if you are not entirely satisfied with our performance, even in the slightest detail, then please tell US! If you are entirely satisfied, then tell the OTHERS! This is the only way that our aspiration to provide the perfect service can be successful. Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari @gmail. com

Why use JHY for private jet charters?

Luxury and comfort: flying should be a pleasure and we’ll make your charter experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible.
Discretion and security: an JHY charter guarantees your privacy, and we will work closely with your security provider on all aspects of your charter.

Note: Some purchasers book a one way charter flight, which means the aircraft is empty on its way back to base or when it travels on to another location. These  (Empty Legs), as they are called in the industry, are available at a cost of up to 25% less than a regular charter flight.

Aircraft sales

With our extensive market knowledge and close relationships with the world’s business jet manufacturers and brokers, JetHavaYollari  is ideally placed to manage your private jet/helicopter purchase for you, from the initial specifications to final acceptance.

Let us determine which purchase option is best for you: Ownership, Fractional Ownership, Partnership, Lease, or Jet Share. Simply put, the different purchase options are: jet ownership, part-ownership, commitment to a single operator, leasing, and sharing your flights with others.  In partnership with Jet Advisors, the Air Charter Service Aircraft Sales Division offers a wealth of experience in the field of purchasing and selling private jets. For new or pre-owned aircraft, we offer the most comprehensive aircraft sales and acquisition service on the market for individuals and corporations.

With over 10 years of shared industry experience in hundreds of private jet transactions, combined with the global reach across five continents, we have the local market data and expertise to ensure a seamless and optimum transaction for our clients.
Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari@gmail.com




Purchasing a private jet is a complex and highly specialised business. Our experience, industry expertise and market intelligence gives you peace of mind and ensures a successful outcome. We will handle the complexities, help you define your requirements and determine which aircraft best meets your needs. We will help with everything from aircraft registration, delivery and staffing, to financials including budget considerations, annual operating costs, residual values and tax optimisation. Consult our comprehensive advisory service and benefit from our years of experience. Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari@ gmail.com



Fractional offers the opportunity to purchase a sharehold of an aircraft, held as an asset under contract for a given period of time.

Fractional gives you all the advantages of owning an aircraft at a fraction of the cost. The Fractional partnership programme offers options to purchase shares on a range of turboprop and jet aircraft operating in Europe. The share equates to a given number of occupied hours per year, according to your needs. For clients interested in the partnership programme, Jet Hava Yollari  conducts a thorough flight profile and preferences analysis in order to provide the most prudent advice.

Jet Hava Yollari also offer leasing options. As with any lease, pay a fee for use of a private jet over a specific amount of time. At the end of the lease, the jet can be purchased or returned to the title owner. Short term leases range from three months to three years, while long term leases range from four years onwards, with lower interest payments. We will help you choose the best lease programme to meet your needs; options include True Lease Agreements, Equipment Finance Agreements, and a Finance Lease With Purchase Agreement, which allows you to purchase the jet after the term. Choose a Lease programme and pay no additional charges for maintenance, upkeep costs, operating expenses and insurance.  Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari@gmail.com

Purchasing private aircraft

Whether you’re looking to invest in your first aircraft or to upgrade, we have the expertise to help. We’ll manage the entire transaction from market research through the entire purchasing process and beyond, to ensure your best interests are being catered for every step of the way. We research on a global rather than regional basis to ensure you have every option available to you, no matter where you’re based.

We also coordinate the delivery of your aircraft, along with any export processes worldwide. We have a wide network of partnerships ensuring we can assist with any operations, financing, legal representation, exporting, tax planning, crew staffing, interior completion or aircraft management.
Ask / for more information email: jethavayollari@gmail.com

Türkiye airports


Airport Name

Airport Code

Ankara Esenboga LTAC
Ankara Etimesgut LTAD
Ankara Akinci LTAE
Antalya Antalya LTAI
Istanbul Ataturk LTBA
Istanbul LTBW
Istanbul Samandira LTBX
Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Intl LTFJ
Adana Adana LTAF
Adana Incirlik Ab LTAG
Afyon Afyon LTAH
Akhisar Akhisar LTBT
Alasehir LTBC
Ankara Guvercinlik LTAB
Cildir LTBD
Balikesir Balikesir LTBF
Bandirma LTBG
Batman Batman LTCJ
Bodrum Milas-Bodrum LTFE
Bodrum Bodrum LTBV
Bursa Bursa LTBE
Canakkale LTBH
Corlu Corlu LTBU
Dalaman Dalaman LTBS
Denizli Cardak LTAY
Diyabakir Diyarbakir LTCC
Elazig Elazig LTCA
Eregli Erdemir LTAX
Erzincan Erzincan LTCD
Erzurum Erzurum LTCE
Eskisehir Eskisehir LTBI
Eskissehir Anadolu LTBY
Gaziantep Oguzeli LTAJ
Iskenderun Iskenderun LTAK
Isparta Isparta LTBM
Izmir Adnan Menderes LTBJ
Izmir Gaziemir LTBK
Izmir Cigli LTBL
Izmir Kaklic LTFA
Izmir Efes LTFB
Kars Kars LTCF
Kastamonu Kastamonu LTAL
Kayseri Erkilet LTAU
Konya Konya LTAN
Kutahya Kutahya LTBN
Malatya LTAO
Erhac LTAT
Manisa LTBZ
Merzifon Merzifon LTAP
Mus Mus LTCK
Nevsehir Kapadokya LTAZ
Samsun Samsun LTAQ
Urfa Urfa LTCH
Siirt Siirt LTCL
Sinop Sinop LTCM
Sivas Sivas LTAR
Sivrihisar Sivrihisar LTAV
Tokat Tokat LTAW
Topel Topel LTBQ
Trabzon Trabzon LTCG
Yalova Yalova LTBP
Yenisehir Yenisehir LTBR
Zonguldak Caycuma LTAS




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